About Colina Bikes

Colina was founded in 2010 by Pete Collins. After being disappointed with the ride quality of a big brand titanium frame he purchased he decided to look into making his own. What followed was nearly 2 years of R&D with a brief of developing a titanium bike that would satisfy both the performance and quality requirements of the serious cyclist while remaining comfortable like a titanium bike should be.

All Colina titanium is hand made by our master frame builder and is welded to perfection to create a product of superior quality and design. At Colina we pride ourselves on attention to detail not only in our products but also our customer service. We don’t buy into the mass produced bike thing, a bike should be special, built for you and you only, that’s why all our bikes are built to your specification. Colina is passionate about cycling and and we tend to get a little hung up on perfecting our products so don’t expect us to constantly be updating things unnecessarily.

After 10 years Colina has developed a reputation for exceptional customer service and product quality, offering our customers that personalised touch that is becoming increasingly lacking in the cycling industry. 

Colina is a geographical term in Spanish meaning a hill.


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